Hemorrhoidal Removal-the Keesey Technique

Believe it or not as long ago as 1860 there were reports being
written discussing an effective, non-surgical treatment for
hemorrhoidal disease using low levels of direct current. By Using
the same type of current that powers a flashlight, doctors
discovered an amazing way to shrink and heal hemorrhoids. In the
mid 1930s, Wilbur E. Keesey, M.D. wrote a definitive article in the
Archives of Physical Therapy. Thereafter, the technique became
known as the Keesey method.

Now, the methods Dr. Keesey found so impressive have been
further refined. By using an instrument called the Ultroid, Dr. Dent is
able to utilize modern state electronics to provide better results
than have ever been available. Dr. Dent has used the Ultroid
System for 15 years and his patients have found it to be a
satisfactory and welcome alternative to surgical intervention.

This simple technique is not only less expensive than standard
hemorrhoid surgery but affords many additional advantages such

Studies have demonstrated that its success is comparable to that
of surgery but without the attended inconveniences and risks.

A micro current is applied directly for 8 to 12 minutes to one
hemorrhoidal area at each treatment. All symptoms of
hemorrhoids, including bleeding, protrusion, pain and itching may
be successfully resolved.

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Keesey Technique

Absence of postsurgical complications

No anesthesia required

No incisions or stitches

No lost time from work

No hospitalization