MicroInjection Therapy is the latest breakthrough in fat reduction. MicroInjection is the most successful fat reduction and collagen rejuvenation
treatment available today. It is safe, non-invasive, and an intelligent alternative to surgical procedures such as liposuction.

Natural Medicine does not have to prove with scientific certainty that it works; it just has to work - one person at a time. It has been proven in the
United States over the last few years that a series of MicroInjection treatments, generally over a three-month period, show improvement in skin
quality, less irregular skin, and weight reduction of approximately ten pounds with downsizing of one to two clothing sizes.

About MicroInjection Therapy

Homeopathic medicine, based on the vaccination theory, to stimulate
the body to heal itself.
Solutions are compounded to block internal signals of fat uptake, trigger
fat release, increase circulation and burn energy.
A non surgical, natural medicine technique.
MicroInjection Therapy
Delivers healing, corrective treatment, to specific body areas.
Helps the circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems promote
biological responses to reverse abnormal physical structures.
Specific, custom, combinations of amino acids and vitamins
compounded to treat each client's individual conditions.
Solution placed directly into the problematic are thus minimizing side
Treatment performed by a licensed health care clinician.
A healthy choice over many diet type medications that travel
throughout the body.
Proven to reduce and contour various parts of the body where
undesirable pockets of fat exist.
Long lasting and measurable results.
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