Raymond Smith Dent, N.D.

                                                            Raymond Dent, N. D. is a member of the first graduating class of the John Bastyr College of                       
Naturopathic Medicine (now Bastyr University), at Seattle, Washington. He was                                               
awarded his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine four years after the institution's founding in 1978.

        Dr. Dent has practiced privately, as well as in association with several holistically oriented clinics and      
                                                             laboratories over thelast twenty-five years. He has served on the Board of Directors of  the Washington    
                                                             Association of Naturopathic Physicians and has taught diagnostic ultrasound and clinical urology at         
                                                             Bastyr University. He has authored and co-authored numerous articles related to alternative health care  
                                                             and has appeared on several television and radio broadcasts over the years.

        Dr. Dent's practice is broad in scope and utilizes therapeutic nutrition, homeopathy and botanical              
                                                             medicine. He is the only naturopathic physician in Washington offering in-office cosmetic radiosurgical   
                                                             procedures for the removal of facial veins (telangectasia), spider veins, and skin tags. He also provides  
                                                             specialized non-surgical therapy for those troubled with hemorrhoids. Dr. Dent is able to combine

 advanced medical therapies with traditional naturopathy, thereby optimizing patient satisfaction and         

Larisa Alonso, M.S.

        Larisa Alonso, M.S. has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Cornell University and a          
                                                            Masters of Science degree in nutrition and immunology from the University of Texas. She has published  
                                                            on the relationship between nutrition and Chagas' Disease (a South American parasitic disease) as
well as on prostate cancer and food allergies. She was on the editorial staff of The Original Internist, the  
official publication of the American Integrated Medical Association. She has also been trained in the          
theory and practice of Asian massage at the Academy of Massage Therapy in Englewood, NJ. Larisa is    
certified as a colon hydrotherapist. (What is Colon Hydrotherapy?) Larisa is a member of the Weston A.    
Price Foundation. She is the Vice President of Slow Foods Glades to Coast convivium. She founded         
Beyond Skin Care in 2003 to provide innovative aesthetic and anti-aging procedures and products. She    
is dedicated to providing the client with innovative, unique rejuvenative therapies that are natural and         
effective. Each session is individualized to provide optimal results using the inherent healing abilities       
and biochemistry of the client.
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